Who am I?

Who am I? Is the question I ask myself every day. Who am I? Am I my name? Am I the work I perform, or am I more than that? Am I the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I have, or am I meant to be more than that? For many years, I have coached people to step beyond their limitations. Where I saw the possibilities, I noticed how the limitatione were maintained by the person I coached. No matter how many options I saw, I kept bumping into my own limitations. What can I do to help one realize how may possibilities I see in them? The more efforts i made to do my very best, the more distance appeared grew between the person i wanted to support, and myself. This caused me start to doubt myself more and more.. Thereafter my self denial became a belief, and I looked for every opportunity that could help get me out of my own self denial. I made myself dependent of people around me. At which point, I felt I had became the puppet for someone else. I had let someone gain total power over me and my life. How simple and tempting it is to blame someone else for the changes that had developed inside of me. The part I had given myself and all excuses I created, became my guideline for self-examination. Within a totally dependent and isolated life, the ideal situation was presented to me on a silver platter. As a coach, a family originator, massage therapist, job coach, body and mind therapist and all the other titles and educations I followed, next to the therapies and routes for inner change, I could not make it to get out of the situation I was in. Untill I met Acces Consciousness, and allowed the Access Bars more and more. Somewhere a change occurred there, which led to more and more self-responsibility and self-belief. I started to learn to recognize more and more I took over other peoples realities and where I lost connection with myself. From that moment on, my life changed dramatically, and Honoré by Daniel emerged from this. Honoré is the name I wear, transferred from my fathers’ father, which means honor and Daniel is the name I wear, transferred from my mothers’ father. Daniel means ‘god is my judge’, for me god is an inner source, universal love. Honoré by Daniel means honoring yourself, with your inner source as the judge. And what if the judge has no judgment? Selfjudgment is not strange for me and who will I be when I let go of all judgments? What and who can you honor if you, just like I do, let go of your judgments more and more? Which change can you be for you and the world, if you honor yourself more? My own compass has always been my inner knowing and it is that which is the greatest contribution for me in my life Honoré by Daniel brings you back to your inner knowing, through which you decide your own course and direction, without judgment. rom a more tender point of view and a more respectful way, I now work with another. Coach is no longer who I am, I am the spirit looking challenge of life, the embodier.