You are your own inspirator in your life. Everything you experience and perceive is your reality. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are the ingredients of this reality. We function from a point-of-view based on what we know, acknowledge, recognise from the experiences we have. From this point we make a connection with ourselves and others. From which reality do you make a connection with yourself and others?

Embodiment session

We go out and look from the point you do know. Honoré functions in asking, stimulating, motivating and in an environment that fits you. Meanwhile your body is a compass we use! It is just the combination in working with your mind, your body and your energy that will let you be amazed by the result.

Familie or organisation setup

As a human being we live with others. We are raised by family or replacements for family. And still we are surrounded by others, by family, by friends, by work. All people have their own point of view of the world and have their own reality. When we live in this tuned up reality, we experience a connection. As soon as we have our own reality and this reality does not fit with those of the others, then we fight unconsciously or consciously with the other or with ourselves. We feel a disconnection. What if we remain connected with ourselves and with our system of origin? What if we feel no more fight? Family setups and organisation setups are a way that clarifies the place you have in the system. During groupsessions we work with representants. In an individual setup we work with things on the ground, cubes, etc. What if you can be in total unity with yourself and the other without fight?

Also explore Body & Awareness

Are you completely in connection with your body? Is your body the instrument which works as a compass for you?

The more conscious (being present) we are, the more knowledge we are able to use in our own life. Exactly this wil give more autonomy. What if you function from this autonomity?