The pain of disconnection is different for everybody. We might experience this as a cramp, we get unknowing, we get insecure, or we are focussed in a way no other information can be absorbed by us. Our body needs a being-present, a presence in your body. Cells and molecules give a transmission and are moving, as soon as we cramp in a certain area for a longer period, the transmission will slow down. Are you completely in connection with your body? Is your body the instrument which works as a compass for you? Are pains and disease reason for you to judge? Honoré is specialized in talking with bodies, let him take you in a conversation without words!


After having had my own practice for years in which different forms of massage were offered, Honoré now aims at óne massage. The one massage is focused on you. There is no pattern, no ordering. Honoré connects with your body which is beyond any other form of massage, through which you are able to experience the space of true kindness for your body. It is just this soft, tender and yet powerful deep touching which makes the inner connection possible.


One of the inconceivable paths of connecting with your body can be experienced during a Body Process. Acces Consciousness Body Processing is a totally different way to boost physical recovery. The cells and molecules of our body are being influenced by the field of tension in which they move. By changing that field of tension and the information around the cells, the body is capable to change and recover. Honoré offers a range of different bodyprocesses

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Everything you experience and perceive is your reality. From which reality do you make a connection with yourself and others?


The more conscious (being present) we are, the more knowledge we are able to use in our own life. Exactly this wil give more autonomy. What if you function from this autonomity?