Awareness is a knowledge and knowing we do not learn at school. It is an inner knowing we can feel as the touch of a feather. It goes beyond the reality of being pragmatic “aimed at use and utility”. In our awareness we use all senses and we receive the information around us. Everything we perceive is the knowledge around us and in ourselves. The more conscious (being present) we are, the more knowledge we are able to use in our own life. Exactly this wil give more autonomy. What if you function from this autonomity?

Bar sessions

Feeling an inner connection by the silence in your head? Thoughts and conversations we have with ourselves. What if this inner voice takes you to disconnection? Imagine a moment without this inner voice? What if thoughts, feelings and emotions can be reset? Are you willing to move a step that can really change you? What if receiving a Bars session is this one step? Acces Bars are a soft, hand-on modality introduced by Gary Douglas in the early nineties. It exists in 16 energylevels through and around your head. These Bars connect in specific ‘Bars-points’ and correspond on different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session a practitioner carefully touches these points to let go of the electromagnetic charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that have possibly limited you in the concerning areas of life.

Symphonie Session

The Symphony sessions are about energetic empowerment and change, they invite you to open up for a complete other way of LIFE. Each person has unique possibilities in receiving and giving energies. A Symphony session allows you to have real entrance to what is truly true for you and your body, beyond what you have ever thought possible. The symphony sessions are based on the Access Consciousness tools and the energetic work of change which have been created by dr. Dain Heer.

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Are you completely in connection with your body? Is your body the instrument which works as a compass for you?

Everything you experience and perceive is your reality. From which reality do you make a connection with yourself and others?